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About Us

  • Jason Ashby

    Lead Mechanic

    Graduated: NHCTC/ Toyota T-TEN in 2007

    Certified: ASE Master Tech., Toyota Expert Cert., EFI University Advanced Cert.

    Jason has been working on modifying and repairing vehicles since a very young age. It all began at the age of 14 when he purchased his Honda 400ex. He began modifying it for the race track a year later. The quad was torn down to a bare frame and built up to a competition ready race quad. Once he was old enough to drive he bought his first turbocharged car,a 1992 Plymouth Laser RS. The Plymouth was the starting point for his obsession of forced induction cars. It took a few years to build the car while Jason was in school full-time attending NHCTC and the Toyota T-TEN program. After the completion of the car and daily driving it for a while, he decided he wanted to move on and focus on a car that could do more than just go fast in a straight line. He purchased a 2003 Mitsubishi Evolution, which became the starting point for his desire for suspension and chassis setup.

    After graduating NHCTC and the T-TEN program, he worked full time as a Toyota Technician, while still focusing his spare time on the Evo. Shortly after working for the dealership he was offered a job to work at a facility that focused on performance vehicles. He worked as the lead technician there for almost two years before leaving and going back to work for Toyota. Jason began thinking of starting his own business, with a goal of making it his full time career in the future. A few weeks later, Ashby Autosport was created and it didn't take long for the company to begin growing it's customer base thanks to help of a few friends. While still working at the dealership and operating his own business, he began talking with his close friend, Joe Russo, about starting a new and larger business with Tom Faucher. Jason left the dealership to pursue Ashby Autosport as the 3 partners continued to draw up a business plan for the new operation. In August of 2010 Synergy Auto Lab was born and Jason began to make the switch over to the new facility. Since then he has been dedicated to helping build Synergy Auto Lab to be a stand out company that provides customer satisfaction at the highest level. Jason hopes to work with the team and assemble a competetive race car in the near future.

  • Joey Russo

    Lead Mechanic

    Graduated: New Hampshire Community Technical College

    Certified: ASE Master, ASE L1 Certified, Toyota Expert Certified

    Born and raised in New Hampshire, Joseph always had a thing for taking things apart or building something. It started with homeowner small engine tools, gas powered RC vehicles, and then progressed to motorcycles and before long it turned into a JDM engine swap on a Nissan 240sx at the age of 18. Joseph took small engine repair classes and auto collision classes while in high school. Senior year in high school he then started to work as an apprentice technician at Toyota. He was very privileged to shadow Toyota Master technicians and was able to learn from the best. Joseph earned an Associates Degree in Applied Sciences and an Automotive Toyota/Lexus/Scion T-Ten certificate at New Hampshire Community Technical College in 2007. He also graduated as an ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Master, and shortly after ASE L1 certified. While working at the local Toyota dealership, Joseph’s team leader had to leave for an extended period of time due to an injury. Although many other experienced techs were available, Joe was asked to fill the position. This was quite the accomplishment for a technician of such a young age. He is very close to his father, who has guided him along the way to help achieve his goals. On his free time, Joseph is a Volunteer Firefighter for the Auburn Fire Department. He also enjoys spending time with family, friends, his Doberman Pinscher, working on his 2-family home, mountain biking, rock climbing, weight lifting, and just about anything outdoors to stay active. He loves Boston sports, especially the Bruins and Red Sox. When time permits his future goal is to build and track a Synergy road race car with the team!

  • Tom Faucher

    Lead Mechanic

    Graduated: NHCTC/ Honda PACT 2007

    Certified: Honda Expert Certified

    Tom was born and brought up in Manchester, NH. As a kid he was always building things with legos or girder and panel, if Tom didn’t know how something worked he usually pulled it apart to the frustration of his family. The automotive following all started when Tom got his first nitro r/c for Christmas when he was ten years old had to put together the 175 piece car, which progressed to real cars when he turned sixteen. Tom had built a full custom turbo kit from the ground up for his Acura Integra which doubled the power or the car at the age of nineteen. Tom at the time was working for a local Honda dealership and decided to further his education in the automotive field and specialize in Honda vehicles. He attended Nashua Community College of NH for the Honda PACT program graduating second in his class of technicians with an Associates in Applied sciences in 2007. Tom has been with Honda since 2004 and has completed all of American Hondas strict ongoing training program. Tom has learned all of his life values and hard work ethics from both of his parents and always gives 110% effort into every task he is given. In his free time Tom spends time with his family/friends, playing hockey, going fishing, and volunteering as a Firefighter/EMT on the Candia Fire Department.

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